Update and Advice on Coronavirus

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Dear Customer

We are happy to announce that we will be re opening our practices on Monday 29th June, on a part time basis at first; 11am - 2pm

We will be carrying out eye care on an emergency and essential basis. Please call us before coming to practice. We will discuss your needs and give you an appointment time. It will not be possible for you gain access without calling ahead.

All staff will be wearing PPE and adopting 2m social distancing in general. If you require examination by Optometrist then full mask, visor, gloves and apron will be worn to minimise any chance of infection. We have also doubled the size of our Howard St test room and added new Zeiss OCT and Visual Fields equipment.

All surfaces will be sanitised in line with best practice advice. All frames will be sanitised before and after trying on.

You will have access to hand sanitiser and face mask to wear whilst in practice.

Whilst it is not compulsory for you to wear a mask we will offer you a mask to wear and advise that you do so. However if you suffer from asthma or other conditions making it difficult then we can make an exception

In all cases please call our practice before attending .

Howard St 0141 552 2030
Finnieston 0141 248 8884
Gorbals 0141 429 4290


I am due an eye test and consider that my vision has deteriorated.

In this case we will carry out necessary eye test and necessary procedures to produce and up to date prescription. You will then have the option to select new eyewear.

I am due an eye test however do not consider my vision has changed and my glasses function well.

In this case we would recommend that you wait until we are further out of lockdown for your next eye examination.

I am due an eye test, do not consider my vision has changed, however my glasses are broken.

In this case we will make an appointment for you to come in to choose new frames without an eye examination.

I am due a contact lens after care appointment.

Please call and speak to an Optometrist. If you are seeing well and your eyes feel and look well then it is unlikely that we will demand that you have an aftercare appointment before reaching new lenses. However, we will contact you once we are further out of lockdown.

I would like to buy new glasses however my old glasses are otherwise functional.

The government now allows non essential retail and therefore we are open for the sale and dispensing of eyewear. However please note that this will, for now, be on an appointment basis. We will wear PPE and ask that you wear a mask. You may be asked to sit a counter whilst our dispensing staff bring frames to you rather than you moving through the showroom as you would have done in normal times. This should not restrict your experience and indeed may enhance your experience.

I have noticed a sudden change in my vision or am experiencing eye pain.

As in normal times you will be seen as soon as possible. Please call our practice and we will arrange to have your eyes examined. If we are unable to do so then we will refer you to a colleague practice.

I need glasses as soon as possible.

We have an in house lab and technician at our Howard St practice and many prescriptions can be completed in 1-2 hours. Please call us so that we can advise.

In all cases please call our practice before attending .