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Protect Your Eyes

Kodak BluProtect 

  • Trouble Sleeping?

  • Frequent Headaches?

  • Blurred Vision?

  • Eye Strain?


When using computers, televisions and smart phones for long periods of time, it is common to experience eye strain. These devices emit a harmful blue light radiation which forces your eye muscles to work harder than they were designed to. This can cause eye fatigue, leading to other discoforts such as eye strain and headaches.

Kodak BluProtect is a technological breakthrough that filters out harmful blue light without distorting colour vision or blocking positive light wavelengths that help regulate a healthy sleep cycle.

Light entering the eye is more efficiently managed , leading to less eye strain and more comfortable viewing over longer periods of time. Reduction in the glare caused by blue light entering the eye enables your eyes to better compensate to lighting conditions and offers a greater visible contrast. Increased contrast gives enhanced sharpness and definition which enables you to better define objects and details in lower light conditions.

Additional benefits

  • Reflects harmful blue light
  • clearer and sharper vision
  • reduces irritating glare from bright lights
  • no alteration to colour perception
  • Improves visual comfort when using electronic devices over long periods of time.