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Corporate Eyewear Vouchers

Almost all jobs require you to use your eyes all day, many of us have to focus on screens, spreadsheets & endless notes - so, you will want to make sure your eyes are preforming to the high standard you are, all while remaining healthy and comfortable.

At PRET A VOIR, we accept Edenred Eyecare Vouchers & eVouchers.

These are allocated by your employer to those who use VDU as part of their job to help cover the cost of optical eyewear that will protect your eyes from any short or long-term damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

A VDU [Virtual Display Units] displays images generated by a computer or other electronic devices such as phones, tablets, touch screens or digital cashiers. This can also be referred to as a VDT [Video Display Terminals] or DSE [Display Screen Equipment].

Glasses are advised to those who use VDUs as prolonged exposure to these digital displays can cause eye strain which can lead to fatigue, head aches and dry eyes. However, there is no strict evidence to imply that VDU users suffer permanent damage to their eyesight, but they can certainly experience discomfort in relation to:

Eyesight IssuesInsufficient & Infrequent Rest PeriodsIncorrect Positioning of Display ScreensUnsuitable Work Area / Incorrect Lighting or Equipment

Since 1992, Health & Safety regulations have been put in place to protect the eye health of employees who spend a significant amount of time interacting with display equipment. With regards to this, employers are required, under law, to provide an eye test if requested. If that test confirms that their employee requires glasses specifically for working on VDU, the employer must cover the cost of a basic pair of frames and lenses.

If your workplace partakes in Edenred's Eyecare Vouchers, they will provide you with your eyecare voucher.
Please check with your workplace if you qualify before purchasing your eyewear online.

If you require glasses specifically for your role in your workplace, such as interacting with computer screens, laptops, touch screens or checkouts, you may qualify for VDU [Visual Display Units].

If your workplace has joined this Edenred initiative, your employer will give you eyecare vouchers for VDU use. Your employer may give you your vouchers automatically or by special request.

Once you have selected the eyewear frame and lenses you like, you can use your eyecare voucher to cover the cost of your purchase.

The voucher value can cover the whole/part cost of your chosen frames.

When you're checking out, you can redeem your voucher either pre or post-purchase:

Pre-Purchase Option: Contact our customer service team in advance of your purchase with your voucher details. We require that you post your voucher to us. Once received, we will then provide you with a fixed amount discount code to use on your optical purchase.

Post-Purchase Option: You will need to email our customer service team with your order number, email and voucher details. We require that you post your voucher to us so we can refund the total value of the voucher to your payment method.

Yes, you will require an up to date prescription.

It is recommended you should get your eyes tested every two years. If you have not had an eye test for a few years you may be surprised how much your eyesight has changed.

We recommend you visit a local optician for an eye test before purchasing new eyewear with your voucher.

These vouchers come in £10, £55 and £75 denominations and can only be used towards purchasing optical glasses.
You can choose to use this voucher to cover the full cost of your glasses or partially pay for higher value eyewear.

Eyecare Vouchers are an easy way for employers to make sure you get the eyecare you’re entitled to. This is especially important if you work on visual display units (VDUs), require safety spectacles or drive for work purposes.

These vouchers are a great benefit in addition to your salary meaning you will not be out of pocket for a necessary item.

At PRET A VOIR, we have 1000s of frames to choose from with a range of lenses, glazes and tints that can increase productivity, protect your eyes and provide superior comfort all day long.

Yes, your voucher can expire. There will be a date printed on the front of your voucher.

Edenred are a French company who specialise in pre-paid corporate services. Edenred work with 18,000 different organisations worldwide helping to motivate employees with cards, vouchers and online schemes.

Shop Glasses For The Workplace

You can choose any pair of optical glasses from our collections when using your voucher.
Your voucher can either cover the full or partial cost of your purchase.

For many people, the world of work is getting busier and faster therefore computers and other devices now play a major role in the workplace.
Everyday your vision plays a key role in allowing you to stay focused, process information and preform at your best.

If you find yourself struggling to see what is on your display screen and you consistently need to move closer to your equipment to see what you are working on, you may require reading glasses.

By automatically leaning in to our computers or hunching over phones we start to develop poor posture resulting in tension across your neck and back. You are also most likely squinting and straining your eyes in the process which can lead to visual discomfort, fatigue and headaches which can affect your quality of work.

If you are already a glasses wearer but find you need to move your head to different angles in order to clearly see your screen, you may benefit from varifocal (or progressive) lenses.

Varifocal lenses allow you to see at all distances as the lens combines the functions of your reading glasses and distance glasses.

Varifocals lenses will not have visible line separating your prescriptions like your bifocal lenses, so they look just the same as single vision lenses and remove the need to lift your head in order to see clearly. If you find yourself having to move your head up and down in order to clearly see your screen you may be putting excessive strain on your neck and shoulders.

If you do not require prescription lenses but feel your eyes get uncomfortable throughout your working day, you may benefit from blue light glasses.

Computer glasses are a great way to combat the blue light exposure from computers and other digital devices. You can purchase these as special-purpose glasses without a prescription to help protect your eyes’ health and provide more comfort when faced with increased screen time. Blue light glasses can be beneficial in reducing eye-strain, headaches and sleep deprivation, especially if you have no need for vision correction or if you routinely wear contact lenses.

The Benefits Of Adding An Anti-Glare Coatings To Your Lenses...

You may experience glare reflected around your working environment from bright lights, painted walls and shiny surfaces as well as reflections from mirrors and screens which can lead to sore, tired, itchy eyes or increased sensitivity.

At PRET A VOIR, all our lenses are supplied with standard hard and anti reflection coatings. We are so confident of their performance that we provide a no quibble 24 month warranty against scratches whatever the cause.

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